Your Compliments Suck

Everyone is horrible at compliments. If you aren't horrible at giving them then you're horrible at receiving them, and look out, because if you're great at receiving them YOU SUCK AT GIVING COMPLIMENTS. 

This has come to my attention from the series I created, The Fat One. It's allowed me to hear the 5 least put together words in the English language: 

"I love your web series!"

People have been awesome, and I have not been awesome about receiving these compliments. I assume there's some caveat that they aren't including. 

"I love your web series, except for the parts you're in." 

It's that stupid starving artist shit. That stupid emotional starving shit. 

However, here's a fun thing. People do spend a lot of time telling me how great everyone else is in the web series, AND IT MAKES ME FEEL SO WEIRD. 

There are so many incredibly talented artists that have lent me their time, and I wanted them because I knew they were great. Yet, I feel uncomfortable when other people mention it. Here's a typical conversation: 

Them: Yo, that cake in your web series killed it. That cake was so funny. That cake is so good at what it does.  

Me: You know I wrote the part specifically for it. / Yeah, It's great at taking direction. / We really worked with the cake to get what we wanted.

And you know what's shitty about that response? It says I'm responsible for how good they are AND I AM NOT.

That cake was excellent on it's own and I noticed what that cake did well and I wanted to show the world how great the cake is on a daily basis and then someone responded to the cake in exactly the way I wanted them to respond to the cake and then I GET JEALOUS OF THE CAKE. 


It's important to note that I also hear from friends nice things people have said about me. About my performance, about my writing, about me as a person. Profound and beautiful things, and it makes me wonder why we don't just tell the cake how great it is directly. 

Maybe it's because we intrinsically know the cake spends so much time trying to make sure that you feel your compliment was adequately received that it never actually receives anything. So perhaps we're doing it a favor, by allowing the message to be delivered second hand. To allow the cake some time to sit and bask in the comfort of feeling accepted. 

Fuck it. You're great. 

I'm hungry.