Receive Your Love

Yesterday was my birthday, and over the past 3 days I’ve had the amazing opportunity to say more “Thank Yous” then I did in the last year combined.

I am horrible at receiving. I have very specific views on what I want to receive, and if I don’t get it exactly the way I’ve planned then I tend to reject it. But this year strikes me as a time to just be open to whatever the universe brings to me, and be grateful. Planning is fantastic, it is wonderful, but it can be a blinder. 

I’m doing thing donation based thing to help fund my acting business (don’t even get me started about how uncomfortable I feel about that), and it was meet with such enthusiasm and love from people around me. Countless kind words, public cheers, and actual cash. 


Here’s the link. If you want to check out the thing with thing and the thing. 

But some people feel weird about donating money, so I’ve also had offers to buy my groceries. Take me out to dinner. Pay for business cards. Just an out pouring of support that at first I felt the need to control, and now I let it come in whatever way it wants to reach me. 

2 amazing dinners this week with 4 amazing friends. Honestly, I just feel like crying all of the time because I’ve never let myself notice how much people care about me. An amazing experience.

I can’t wait to return the favor. 

God I loose all of my sense of humor when I’m being sincere. WHEN WILL MY SARCASM RETURN TO ME!!!!!