Skyler White is a Bad Ass

Just got done watching Season 3, Episode 3 of Breaking Bad, and let me just say that Skyler White may be the most brilliantly written female on television. (I make these sort of sweeping statements after I’ve been out drinking and come home to my Xbox.) But honestly, I adore the way this episode ended. 

After watching her feel so powerless with this secret, knowing that she is going to keep it, but hating Walt for acting so perfect in the midst of it she hits hard. “I fucked Ted,” and then sitting down for a meal orchestrated by Walt. 

Straight for the balls that lady. 

Of every thing she could have said, this cuts the deepest, and with those 3 little words she imprisons Walt to the hell he put her in. Brilliant! (And played perfectly by Anna Gunn.)

This show was good from the beginning, but it really has intense pay off. I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

God that sounded cliche. You can’t end on that. Ok let’s end on you being overly self aware as you hit play for the next episode.