The Ballad of Leslie Knope

Most of our profound comedies today deals with the finding of satisfaction in the mundane. While the hero’s tale is an epic journey into the self, we now have the Leslie Knopes of the world “poking fun” at that drama by making it something small. Instead of Gilgamesh seeking immortality we have local government officials and office managers getting satisfaction out of mayoral elections and the pursuit of office romances.  

I put poking fun in quotes because really it makes the heroes journey more relatable. We all feel like we are on some quest for greatness, but very rarely does that greatness transcend into something that affects millions of lives. 

We want to matter, and we laugh at people who think that playing small can  be an effective form of mattering. And by laughing at Michael Scott we laugh at ourselves. 

This is now supposed to end in an uplifting conclusion about how we do ourselves a disservice to not acknowledge our small triumphs, but it’s 1:30am on a Saturday and I’m a little tipsy so I’m going to bed now. 

Being Great, 

<3 Katherine