The Waters of Life

I have this weird habit of not wanting to belong to one world, to one group or niche, but when I am able to float on the surface of a sub-culture I have a tendancy to believe I’ll never belong anywhere. And that makes me sad panda. 

But really I’m the only person who keeps me from belonging. It’s a choice and a want, and a perfectly good want at that. To experience life from as many perspectives as possible. A good want indeed. The trick is to embrace this path that I’ve chosen. To fully immerse my self in the non-immersion. 

I’m not accustomed to being immersed though. So I constantly worry I’ll drown if I go in too deep. But you have to commit to one thing, or you live a shallow life. 

Ha, see what I did there. With the puns and the water. Didn’t even plan that.

Back on track.

So what is going to be the thing I commit myself to? The only thing I can think of saying, “Yes, I will let that flood my lungs and take my life of choice,” is love.

I commit fully to loving every single moment of today. Every interaction. Every person I come in contact with. 

Just for today.

Wouldn’t want to over commit myself.