Why is Game of Thrones so Awesome?

I just got through all of season 2 in a day and a half. I’ve made a list, as I tend to do, about why GofT may be the best show on television. (I made it bold, because it is a bold statement. Get it?)

  1. They have the entire spectrum of good and evil: You get the joy of rooting for someone so purely well intentioned, Robb Stark, and then pair him up with the most hateful twat to ever be written, King Joffrey, it is going to be magic. Throw in the delicious gray scale of characters like Tyrion, Theon, and Sansa and it is a stew of awesome. 
  2. Flawed, but strong female characters: Speaking of Sansa, she is a perfect example of one of the many well rounded female characters in the series. I don’t particularly like her, and on the surface she seems like a weak little girl. But as the story progresses you see her cunning and courage in the face of monarchy that hates her. What is amazingly brilliant is that she is still flawed, but we have compassion for her situation. Most shows, especially of this genre, paint women as either the damsel to be rescued, or the evil conniving sorceress.
  3. A world of believably heightened circumstances: Lastily, the brilliance of this setting is that we can enjoy melodrama in circumstances that feel real. Everything really does feel this important, so as the story progresses we suspend our disbelief for dragons, white walkers, and some lady letting a black demon smoke monster come out of her vag. 

Ok… definitely went over my five, but for GofT it’s worth it.